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July 22, 2021

Women Helping Women (of Any Age) at BlogHer

I've been reading lots of blog posts and comments about last weekend's BlogHer conference, and it seems as if some of the women over age 40 are feeling a bit left out by the younger crowd as these 20-something women Twitter, text message and basically (at least it's perceived that way) run digital circles around the middle-aged blogging community.

Well, I have to tell you, I don't see it that way. I'm not 20-something. I'm not 30-something. But I met some of the most fabulous younger women at BlogHer, and they didn't intimidate me. They inspired me. I learned so much, and even jumped on the Twitter bandwagon at their urging. (You can follow me at http://twitter.com/kathysena.) I'm now checking out dozens of tips I learned from these generous women, either from panels where they spoke or from across the table at lunch, over a martini in the evening or in e-mails since we returned home.

Mastering this digital-communication thing doesn't have anything to do with age. It's about being open to trying something new, being willing to learn from someone who may have been in preschool when I was in high school. I'm waking up this week raring to go. I'm thinking of ways to improve this blog even as I take a shower or load the dishwasher. Forget juicy novels. My bedtime reading, thanks to BlogHer, is all about search-engine optimization at the moment.

Thanks to all you women, of any age, who sent me home from San Francisco full of enthusiasm for being a writer and a blogger, as well as a mom. I'm honored — and jazzed — to be one of you.

P.S. This wonderful piece of embroidery art is featured over at a terrific site that I just discovered, Layers of Meaning. The site was created by Serena Fenton, and it's beautiful. Check it out.


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Kathy, so true! I often feel that learning a new technology is like getting another doctorate; but it's always worthwhile. I've had wonderful help from younger women, also -- so many of them are so generous! And, I get to help them back with wisdom from the hard-knocks school of been there, done that! Can't wait to hear more about your conference experience -- tell us! tell us!

We're sharing all things romance at the "DR. Romance" blog.

Tina, you're right about the fact that we all have something to share. At BlogHer, I had younger women asking me about getting started as a journalist and about the magazine business.

And to all you readers -- check out the link to Tina's blog (in her comment above). It is truly exceptional, as are her books!

Boy do I feel out of it! You are really up-to-date. I have to get moving on a blog. Thanks for sharing Kathy! Chrystle

I'm 35 and kinda in the middle age-wise. (Although I look crazy young and everyone thinks I'm not old enough to have a drink.)

Technology can be intimidating for some of us who didn't have the Internet during our own high-school days. Even for myself -- a bit of a techy and a former software developer -- trying to get used to text messaging all the time can be a bit of a change.

My 68 year old mother runs our e-commerce stores with us and is amazing. Age should be no barrier.

Hi Kathy:
I'm a member of BlogHer but I haven't had the time to participate as actively as I would have liked to. The conference sounds like it was fab! It is a wonderful thing when women find ways to use technology to enhance their friendships. I've written about that on several blog posts on my own blog.
Your blog is terrific!
My best,

Irene, you're right about women using technology to enhance those connections. Technology has long been thought of a a guy thing. Not so!

I'm LOVING your blog. You have created a wonderful community there! I hope my readers will stop by often.

Susan, I LOVE that your 68-year-old mom runs an e-commerce store! You got good techie genes!

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