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July 21, 2021

I'm Lovin' BlogHer '08

Just got back yesterday from BlogHer 08, a most amazing weekend in San Francisco with 1,100 women bloggers. Mommy bloggers, travel bloggers, food bloggers... It made my socks go up and down to be in one place with all this talent and energy.

The free t-shirts and chocolate weren't bad either. My favorite t-shirt slogan (from CafePress): "Be Nice to Me Or I'll Blog About You." (OK, twist my arm: Here's where you can get Parent Talk Today merch from CafePress.)

All you mom bloggers out there: If you haven't already checked out BlogHer, head on over there and sign up. It's a terrific community of talented — and really fun — bloggers.

Oh, and I won an iPod nano, from the nice folks at care.com, by finding the person whose number on a button matched the number on my button. Out of 1,100 women, that's pretty amazing! Here I am with my new buddy, Arielle, and our iPods. (OK, my arm got cut off. But I'm holding it. Really!)

Do we look as happy as a couple of kids on Christmas morning or what?



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YOU WON THE IPOD????? That is awesome. It was so great to meet you!

Yep, I won! But apparently I'm an iPod slacker. Arielle has already loaded, used and NAMED hers. Mine is still sitting here, begging to be loaded... I just can't seem to get to it because I keep checking out all the great blogs by the women I met at BlogHer!

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