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May 12, 2021

A Few More Thoughts on "Young@Heart"

Alg_young In response to some reader e-mail, I've been thinking about why I was so drawn to the people featured in this wonderful documentary, which I reviewed here.

In short, they inspire me, and I can think of nothing better than to be that gutsy, feisty and just plain brave when I'm 80-something. Clearly, being a part of this group adds life to their years.

A couple of years ago, I took a comedy improv class through our local adult-ed school, and I saw a similar thing going on there. We beginning improvers ranged in age from late teens to 70s. When we were performing, having a ball and living in the moment, it didn't matter how old anyone was. In fact, some of the older members of the group were some of the least-inhibited and most-entertaining improvers.

1172935553 It didn't mean they didn't have aches and pains, or that they were able to do everything that they physically wanted to do in an improv sketch. But it didn't matter to them and it didn't matter to the audience. It was just so energizing to be in that room with them.

Yes, it's incredibly sad that the group in Young@Heart has some very tough days dealing with the loss of some close friends and fellow members. But they also have the comfort of knowing that each of those people was doing what he or she absolutely loved to do, right up until the end.

Could any of us ask for more from life?


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