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March 27, 2022

All Hail The Anti-Princess Reading List!

For little girls, Cinderella and Snow White may be the ultimate storybook characters. And these princesses certainly have their place in a child's world — up to a point.

For parents who want their daughters to grow up looking for a bit more from life than a prince to rescue them, there's the "Anti-Princess Reading List" (click on it under "browse by category") over at a wonderful website I just discovered:

Just looking at the titles brought me back to some of the heroines I loved as a girl: Nancy Drew, Pippi Longstocking, Harriet the Spy. These gals solve crimes, wear what they please (and it rarely includes taffeta), and have marvelous adventures.

I'm not suggesting an all-or-nothing approach here. After all, who says a kid can't wear her Princess Jasmine costume while reading a story about a girl taking first place at the school science fair?


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I love your attitude that it's not all or nothing. There's nothing wrong with a princess outfit, with being pretty! Just so we let girls know that's not all there it to their lives.


Thanks, Kathy. I think we tend to get too all-or-nothing with this stuff, and it's good to take a deep breath sometimes. But I do LOVE this book list!


Have you read Princess Bubble? That book is not at all your typical princess. I learned about Bubble from

Hi Cher,

Thanks for the comment. I'm not familiar with the book, but I love the title! I'll have to check it out. I appreciate you sharing the book with all of us here!


Oh to be a PRINCESS! – It’s a dream of most little girls. The challenge of inspiring these little would be princesses to give the same attention to inner qualities as they do hair, makeup and clothes is one that many parents know all too well. The challenge becomes to define the princess world in terms that a young girl can not only dream but LIVE!

This challenge was the inspiration for Sandi Stonebraker when she wrote “On Being A REAL Princess, Secrets of the Happy Heart Princess”. This book is about how to be a princess from the Inside-Out! It’s about how it feels to be a princess.

Featured in the book are sixteen princesses from around the globe who dance into your world with affirmations and messages on what it means to be a REAL Princess. They understand that a REAL Princess is strong, smart and kind. She knows how to think for herself and is proud of who she is and what she believes in. She dreams big and knows that she can make her dreams come true. She understands that everyone is different but each person is special.

The book includes interactive journaling activities dealing with values, self esteem and decision making. It is a useful tool for parents, teachers, religious leaders and other caregivers to open a dialogue with little girls on all those important issues they face as they grow up in an increasingly complex society.

The author feels that it is never too early to begin the discussion on these simple values and feelings and although the book is targeted to ages 4 to 10, all ages seem to feel it’s power in reminding them of what it is to be a REAL PRINCESS!

If you are a parent, grandparent, religious leader, teacher or just someone who has a special little girl in your life, this book is a must!

Quantity discounts available
Happy Heart Princess, A Creation of FairyTale Kids
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