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January 06, 2022

Want to Watch Your Family Grow? Check This Out

Each year on June 17, since 1976, Diego and Susy Golberg have taken a photo of themselves for posterity. When sons Nicolas, Matias and Sebastian arrived, each joined in the yearly ritual as well.

After three decades, what has been created can only be described as a treasure. Check it out on their website.

ABC News producers were so taken with the project, they did a segment on it, which you can also see on the site.

Funny, but Diego and Susy don't look too pooped during the crazy baby/toddler years, but when the boys hit their early teens, they look like they've been through a lot! Coincidence?

You might be wondering how I stumbled upon this cool website in the first place. I found it through StumbleUpon, an amazing new site that helps you find websites, videos, photos and more, based on your interests. (Be careful... It's addictive!)


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Wow, so interesting to see the years of photos! What a great idea. I'm going to start the same tradition with my family! As for the website StumbleUpon, I am trying to resist checking it out cause I will definitely get addicted! Thanks for your blog Kathy, I always enjoy it.

Yeah, it's pretty cool! I'm thinking it could be something that extended families could do, too, with grandchildren included. It sure presents an amazing view of the years flying by.

Thanks for the kind words, Ellen!


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