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July 09, 2021

New CPR Rules DON'T Apply to Kids

PhpThumb You've probably seen recent news reports about the American Heart Association's new simplified CPR guidelines for adults, where we're advised to "call 911 and then push hard and fast in the center of the chest."

The AHA says that some of those media reports were a bit vague about exactly who these new guidelines were meant for, leaving parents to wonder whether this new CPR recommendation applies to children and infants, too.

The answer is no. According to the AHA, conventional mouth-to-mouth breathing remains an important part of CPR for infants and children, largely because their breathing stops more often due to respiratory distress (in a near-drowning, for instance) than because of heart problems.

So now you know the scoop. But are you CPR-trained? Happily, the AHA can bring the class right to you, by offering two different kits for in-home instruction:

  • Infant CPR Anytime ($34.95) is designed to teach the core skills of infant (under one year) CPR and choking relief in just 22 minutes. Developed in coordination with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the kit contains a "CPR Anytime Skills Practice" DVD, a personal, inflatable baby CPR mannequin, quick-reference guides in two sizes, a practice phone, sanitizing wipes and an extra lung for the baby mannequin.
  • Child/Adult CPR Anytime ($29.95) also teaches the core skills of CPR in 22 minutes. Each kit includes an inflatable mannequin, a "CPR Anytime Skills Practice" DVD, a "CPR for Family and Friends" resource booklet, and other accessories for the program. The self-directed course is based on the traditional AHA "CPR for Family and Friends" course and is equivalent to the traditional course for learning the core skills of CPR. (The AHA says this is the appropriate course for learning CPR for children over age 1, as well as for adults, and that it does include instruction on conventional mouth-to-mouth breathing.)

To order, visit CPRanytime.org and click on "Shop CPR Anytime Website" in the right-hand column. Or call 877-242-4277.

If you'd like to attend a CPR class in your neighborhood, visit Heart.org and highlight "CPR & ECC" in the left-hand column on the home page. Then click on "Find a Class Near You," where you can type in your ZIP code. Or call 877-242-4277.


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