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July 28, 2021

Need a (Flexible) Job? Beyondmotherhood.com Can Help

Beyond logo 3

Shannon Davis, the founder of  Beyondmotherhood.com is all about thinking big, and creatively, when it comes to promoting women's careers. (And I LOVE the logo for her company's website. Let's give a shout out for sexy-looking moms with realistic hips!)

As a mother of two, Davis knows that being a mom is a wonderful job — but sometimes you find yourself needing extra income (filled your gas tank lately?), the chance to have a little more contact with the adult world, or both.

Unable to find what she was looking for in the work world, and recognizing there was a real demand from both women and employers, Shannon created Beyondmotherhood.com. Her organization affords women the opportunity to raise a family and use their business skills in a flexible work environment. It's essentially a matchmaking site for employers and employees, with the employers paying the fee for the service.

"Many mothers resign themselves to the fact that they cannot have it all — being home with your children when they need you while maintaining a position in the working world," says Davis. "Why not? Why must we be either a 'Stay at Home Mom' or a 'Working Mom'? Why can't we have and be both?"

Whether you're looking for a job that will get you out of house for a few hours a week or one that could become a stepping stone to a full-time position in the future, check out Beyondmotherhood.com.


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It's a great site! I've been actively for a (paid) WAH job, and it's so refreshing to see a site that's geared toward moms, AND a job site that doesn't involve scams. There are just so many of the latter out there. Thanks for posting this information.

Glad you like it! I'm always happy to promote a site that is legitimately doing great things to support women and families.

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