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Alisa Bowman Can Improve — Or Even Help Save — Your Marriage

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Alisa Bowman is one brave woman. In her book, Project: Happily Ever After (Saving Your Marriage When the Fairytale Falters), she takes us on a four-month journey from wishing her husband dead to actually renewing her vows.

I’ve seen Bowman talk about the book, and she’s just as fearless in person as she is on the page. Reading the book is sort of like talking with your most-honest friend about what’s going on in her marriage. (Except that your most-honest friend would probably never share all this!)

If you feel like your marriage is over and you might as well give up — don’t. Not until you’ve read Bowman’s book and checked out her road map for making things better. A whole lot better, in her case.

And even if your marriage is basically good, you know you’ve had those days when you wondered what you’d gotten yourself into. When communication was awful or non-existent. When the last thing on your mind was wanting to be intimate with this person you married — physically or otherwise.

Bowman lets you know that everyone has those moments. And that things can definitely improve.

And if you feel you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel and you think your marriage is hopeless? With this funny, honest book, and Bowman’s 10-step plan you can start your own marriage project. You own it to yourself to try, right?

Here’s a great place to start: Watch Alisa’s video about the book project, and her marriage, on her website: Project Happily Ever After: The Book. Then check out the book and tell us what you think.