The Electronic Babysitter Goes Mobile…

A Naperville, Illinois 6-year-old ran up hundreds of dollars in charges because she didn’t know she was making purchases while playing a game on her iPod Touch, according to the local CBS station in Chicago.

The parents are focused on the fact that pop-up ads in some of these games are confusing for kids and that their daughter didn’t know what she was doing. But really, why should a 6-year-old be playing any online game unsupervised — to the point where she can inadvertently buy hundreds of dollars worth of anything?

I have to agree with Linda Parduhn of Chicago, who wrote to tell me about this story: “No 6-year-old needs her own iPod, nor do her brothers and sisters who are shown, in the video, getting them from the family docking station. You cannot absentee parent and then blame marketers for scamming your child.”


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