Sexy Halloween Costumes for Girls — Revisited

Two years ago I wrote a post on sexy Halloween costumes for girls and it created a bit of a stir here, becoming the most-viewed post since we started Parent Talk Today more than three years ago.

At first I thought that was because of all the concerned parents who wanted to talk about kids’ costumes and their thoughts on the current crop of too-sexy outfits for young girls.

Silly me. One look at my stats for the blog and I saw that much of the traffic I was receiving for this post came from smarmy Google searches for key phrases such as “sexy teen,” “sexy kids,” “little girls sex,” “sexy young girls,” etc.

In short, there are plenty of creepy folks out there who get their kicks from looking at little girls in sexy outfits. These people are online, of course. But they also shut down the laptop and leave the house now and then.

Either way, they’d just love to see our young daughters in sexy little Halloween costumes. Creepy enough for you?

Before someone starts talking about women being able to wear anything they want and how we are repressing our kids, who just want to be like their friends and wear the cool costumes, let’s remember who’s in charge of our children’s safety here. We’re not talking about a 21-year-old woman’s right to wear whatever she wants to a bar. We’re talking about perschoolers, gradeschool kids and tweens. They need parents who will watch over them, make good choices for them (even when it’s not popular) and keep them safe.

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15 Responses to “Sexy Halloween Costumes for Girls — Revisited”

  1. Grant says:

    As someone who always cringes when I see the “young girls” section of Party City’s Halloween costume catalog, I would like to comment the following to your recent blog entry: EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kathy says:

    No kidding, Grant! Couldn’t agree more.

  3. Denise says:

    Kathy - you are so right, and unfortunately young girls do not always realize they are ‘overexposing’ themselves in real life or online. Why aren’t parents more involved in putting restrictions on their daughter’s ‘costumes’ or on the photos they post of themselves online? Don’t these girls not realize they are attracting attention from strangers with naughty intent? And where are their parents to help guide them on what’s appropriate and what’s not?

  4. Kathy says:

    I think a lot of parents are tired, want to be the “good guy” and want to be friends with their kids more than parents. So they take the path of least resistance. Which can lead to a real lack of parenting. Sad.

  5. Kim says:

    Sadly, it’s not just Halloween costumes. I went to buy my 7-year-old some fall clothes at major stores (Target being one) and lots of the pants, skirts, and tops on the racks looked more appropriate for streetwalkers than young girls. Disgraceful. But it’s all about consumer reactions. If we refuse to buy, the choices will change.


  6. Kathy says:

    Yep, gotta vote with our wallets. Unfortunately, enough parents seem to be buying these clothes, because we see more and more of this each year.

  7. Jen Singer says:

    It makes me glad I have boys.

  8. Just wait until you have boys old enough (and I’m talking 6th grade, so you may be there now) to go to science camp and to hear a girl say, in a suggestive way, “I can’t go on the hike because I’m wearing a thong…” Someone with a 6th grade boy shared that with me after science camp. Get ready, my friend!

  9. Jen says:


    RE: the last comment. First, a thong does not prevent someone from going on a hike. What a lame excuse that girl had. Second, why would a sixth grade girl be wearing a thong?? What?? That’s just gross.

  10. It wasn’t an excuse to avoid the hike, really. It was an excuse to tell the boys, in a suggestive voice, that she was wearing a thong…

    And what mom lets her 6th grader buy/wear a thong? And if the girl bought it in secret, won’t Mom see it in the laundry eventually?

    Some parents need to wake up.

  11. Jen says:


    My comment about the excuse not to hike was made in jest. If that girl thinks no one can see through her sluttiness, she’s pretty stupid. I wish I’d been the adult in charge of that hike! Oh the comments I could have made!
    And you know what? She probably wasn’t really wearing one anyway. I wonder what she would have done if someone had asked her to prove it?

    And I agree, what parent lets their young kid buy a thong? Ew.

  12. Jennifer Smith says:

    I definitely see it as my job to help my daughter make wise decisions about the way she dresses, at holidays and all through the year. Noone else is going to help her with these decisions … not her friends, not the other tweens out there wearing full makeup, hooker heels and skirts cut up to “there”, and certainly not the media. With all the messaging encouraging girls to grow up fast, I want my daughter to have time and freedom to enjoy being a girl, playing sports and acting goofy with her friends. There’s plenty of time to grow up, but once those child years are lost, they can never be regained. Let’s be parents and take back our right to say “no”. Our “no” to growing up too fast is just a “yes” to so many other good things our kids need to be doing!

  13. Cheryl Pope says:

    My daughter is nine and it was so hard finding her a costume. This year it was a little easier than last year. This year she was Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz. Last year, she was Nurse Betty. I had to de-sexy (if that’s a word) her nurse costume. What are these manufacturers thinking?

  14. I think they only think “What sells?” And unfortunately, parents will open their wallets for this stuff. Unbelievable.

  15. Kristi says:

    AMEN!! Why does a witch costume for a little girl need to be made of satin and tulle? I’m with whoever commented about the clothing at Target. It’s a line by Disney and is inspired by the show, “Sonny With a Chance”. The clothing is totally inappropriate for a 12 year old, not to mention a 4 year old!