Hot, Locked Cars Are No Place for Kids

I’m guessing every one of these parents thought it would never happen to his or her family.

But 18 kids have died in hot cars in this country since the beginning of 2010, eight of them in just the past 12 days. That’s the most deaths for the first six months of the year since such data began being collected in 1998.

Since that year, 463 children have died of overheating (called hyperthermia) in cars in the U.S., the majority of whom were accidentally left behind by parents or caregivers.

Kids also can become trapped in a car and overwhelmed by the heat while playing in  the car. To prevent this, parents should keep the car locked and keep keys and key fobs out of the reach of children.

To help remind yourself that your baby is in the back seat (when driving to day care before heading to work, for example), leave your cell phone, employee ID, purse, or another item you’ll need, on the floor of the back seat, in front of the baby’s seat. That will help you stay in the habit of checking the back seat.

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