Microsoft Kin: Do You Want Your 14-Year-Old Daughter Watching These Ads?

Thanks to Donna Tapellini over on the Consumer Reports Electronics Blog for raising a potential red flag for parents with her post today: More Videos for Microsoft’s Kin Phones Raise Concern.

(Full disclosure: I’m the social-media reporter for Consumer Reports. But I’m also a parenting blogger, and the mom of a teenager, and you’d better believe I’d be talking about this and linking to this post in any case.)

Just weeks ago, Microsoft pulled its promotional Kin video, after Consumer Reports questioned whether the ad was promoting sexting. Now they’re back, and I’m disturbed by what I’m seeing in these ads, which are being shown on Facebook and You Tube.

In the ads, Rosa Salazar, a young woman from Brooklyn (she looks to be no older than 20), makes a cross-country trek to meet, in person, some of the people she’s friended on Facebook and other social networks. Of course, many of these “friends” are total strangers.

And don’t even get me started on the stalker-like behavior encouraged by the second ad, below…

Is Microsoft being irresponsible here? Do you plan to talk with your tween and teens about such ads? Watch the videos here. Check out Donna’s post, which also includes some thoughts on this ad campaign from Jen Singer over at Then let us know what you think.

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2 Responses to “Microsoft Kin: Do You Want Your 14-Year-Old Daughter Watching These Ads?”

  1. Stacy Lipson says:

    As a young person in my early twenties, I find Microsoft’s ads appalling.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Those videos are definitely not promoting productive, safe, or healthy messages. I think less of the Microsoft brand after viewing them.