When You’re Part of the Sandwich Generation, Life Ain’t Easy (But Here’s Help)

Gail Alcorn McGonigle knows what it’s like to worry about an aging parent. McGonigle, author of Dad’s Home Alone - Caring For Your Elderly Parent, provided care for her own father, learning first-hand how to handle home care and how to create an environment where her father could live safely as he grew older.

She also earned a masters degree from University of Southern California (and as a UCLA fan, I’ll forgive her for that) and then dedicated herself to working as an occupational therapist, working with elderly and disabled men and women and helping them live fuller lives.

So there’s no one better, in my book, than McGonigle when it comes to sharing tips and tools for helping a parent live independently for as long as possible, for knowing what potential signs of problems should be watched for, and for knowing when Mom or Dad needs to live in a setting that offers more support.

McGonigle also has created a website and blog, Dad’s Home Alone, to provide even more info for adult children who are helping a loved one.

I know many Parent Talk Today readers are taking care of both kids and older parents. It’s a stressful juggling act. But this book and website can offer advice, resources and the knowledge that you’re definitely not alone.

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2 Responses to “When You’re Part of the Sandwich Generation, Life Ain’t Easy (But Here’s Help)”

  1. Ellen says:

    Oh can I relate to this! Sandwiched between kids, Grandma and now seeing that my mom will need help in the near future. What is that called, a club sandwich? Sounds like a great book and blog. Thanks for sharing this! I am going straight to her blog!

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks, Ellen! Yep, many of us are going to be in this position in the coming years, if we aren’t already. We must hang together!