“Quality Time?” Don’t Believe It

Father's Day Fishing

Jason Kotecki said something over at Dumb Little Man (Tips for Life) the other day that really caught my attention:

The real world reveals the truth about quality time. A number of fathers could tell you about spending an entire day fishing with their child. You enjoy a great lunch on the boat, share some good laughs, soak in some sunshine, and even catch a few bluegill. But it’s only in the last ten minutes — as you’re turning into the driveway — when your kid finally opens up about getting bullied at school.

Your kids need quantity time out of the relationship with you. It’s not their job to be able to fit all of their stories and questions and hopes and dreams and fears into the sliver of time you’ve carved out as “quality time.”

Sometimes a meaningful interaction only takes five minutes. But sometimes you need five hours to get to that five minutes.

Kotecki makes so much sense here, and he says it so well. Check out the entire post and let me know what you think. We always-busy parents have been reminded of this for years, but rarely has anyone, in my experience, been so on the mark. Thanks, Jason.

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One Response to ““Quality Time?” Don’t Believe It”

  1. Hi Kathy! Nice to meet you. Thanks for the link to my article. I am thrilled to hear that it struck a chord with you; the whole article has gotten some neat conversations going across the web. The balance between quality and quantity time is a tough one, but certainly one worth being very mindful about. It’s too easy to get swept away in a river of busyness only to wake up one morning as say, “Shoot. I missed it. I wish I woulda…”

    Thanks for extending the discussion, I think it’s an important one to have.
    Jason of Kim & Jason´s last blog ..Your Life’s Sexy and Exciting Grande Finale