Hustling All the Way to Sugarland

It’s the crazy-making season. All of a sudden you find yourself with flour on your elbows, tinsel hanging from your butt (because you first sat in some chocolate left behind by a kid, then you backed into the Christmas tree when the dog ran by and almost tripped you).

And it’s ALL good — as long as it’s all good with you.

When does it become NOT so good? When you stop laughing at your glittery butt and start stressing about all that’s left to do, all the cards, and packages and shopping and budget decisions and cooking and cleaning and… where did all the fun go?

I don’t want to be that mom this year. So I’m cutting back on a few things in hopes of maintaining my sanity. I’m only making one batch of Christmas cookies and I’m letting Trader Joe take care of the rest. I’m leaving some of our many ornaments and decorations in the boxes. EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be on display EVERY year.

And I’m trying (really hard!) to get things done ahead of time so that the last week before Christmas, I can sit back a bit and relax with my family in front of the tree with some Christmas music playing in the background.

In truth? I’ll be lucky to have everything done by noon on the 24th. But just by making that a goal, there’s a chance that I’ll have a bit more breathing room this year.  Either way, I plan to pour a glass of wine, whip out my new Sugarland Christmas CD and put my feet up. Ahh.

Care to join me?

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