Worried About H1N1? Wash Up!

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A terrific article in the health section of the New York Times caught my attention yesterday. With so many parents worried about their family and the H1H1 virus, I thought it was good advice to share.

The basics to share with your kids:

°    Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer

°    Keep your hand away from your face!

I know, I know. You tell them this all the time. I do the same with my middle schooler. But sharing this article with them might help bring the message home in a new way.

According to the piece, a host of recent studies have highlighted the importance of hand washing. One of the most graphic was done at the University of California, Berkeley, where researchers focused video cameras on 10 college students as they read and typed on their laptops.

The scientists counted the times the students touched their faces,
documenting every lip scratch, eye rub and nose pick. On average, the
students touched their eyes, noses and lips 47 times during a
three-hour period, once every four minutes.

Check out the article and share it with your kids. If we all pay a bit more attention to these two hygiene habits, it can make a real difference in fighting H1N1 and other illnesses this winter.

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