New Motherhood: Misery or Bliss?

Have you checked out the new blog from Ladies' Home Journal, Ladies' Lounge? Good stuff here. And if today's post, by Louise Sloan, is any indication, these bloggers don't mind bucking a trend.

"Here’s what I want to know," says Sloan, LHJ's senior articles editor and the author of Knock Yourself Up: A Tell-All Guide to Becoming a Single Mom. "Are happy new moms just lucky, or are we also a wee bit simpleminded?"

"These days, it seems like all the cool new parents complain — bitterly
and hilariously — about having an infant. In memoirs, essays and blogs,
they debunk the cruel myth of that blissful first few months with a
cooing, snuggly bundle of joy. That’s Hallmark-card hogwash, they say
to their relieved readers, who find their honesty refreshing. These
writers adore their kids, but let’s get real, they write: A newborn
means being in a 24/7 state of extreme worry and panic, plus crushing
boredom, plus guaranteed post-partum depression and the most searing
pain you can imagine when you attempt to breastfeed. Miracle, yes, but
also… nightmare!"

Read on for Sloan's confession about her own new-motherhood experience. I'm adding this blog to my Google reader. Don't want to miss a thing from Sloan and the rest of this group of talented bloggers.

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