Giveaway! Simple Wishes Bustier

Are you a multi-tasking new mom who doesn't want to sit and hold a breast pump while you're pumping at work — or even at home? Some very creative folks have come up with a solution.

At first, this contraption cracked me up, I have to say. (But then the whole breast-pump thing cracked me up when my son was born and I tried pumping for the first time.) But I got over that in about a minute and got practical. The whole goal is to get the milk collected, right?

The Simple Wishes Bustier offers a hands-free way to pump. Check out the website for details about all the features. The design of the bra allows you to position the breast shields in the most-comfortable spot for the best seal during pumping. The bra is designed to be worn comfortably all day.

It retails for $35 and can be purchased at the website. (For a short time, get 15% off your pre-order by entering LAUNCH coupon code at checkout.)

Giveaway! If you'd like to be entered in a drawing for a FREE Simple Wishes Bustier, leave a comment below. The winner will be announced here next Monday.

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8 Responses to “Giveaway! Simple Wishes Bustier”

  1. mommyofK says:

    I don’t have this one, but I have the Easy Expression hands-free pumping bra It easily makes the list of the top 3 best things I bought since my daughter was born!
    Pumping has to be the most visually humiliated thing I’ve ever done. It was always maddening to me to watch the clock tick, doing nothing but holding the pump to my breast. But my hands-free bra makes it bearable!

  2. Kathy Sena says:

    Thanks for the comment! Would you like to be entered in the drawing here? You could compare the two brands! :)

  3. mommyofK says:

    Thanks Kathy, but I’m good. I love they one I have, and since I’ve got one already I’d love to see someone else get it.
    Good luck to everyone else who enters!!!

  4. Kathy Sena says:

    How kind of you! OK, moms, let me know if you’d like to be entered. (And I realize that only nursing moms would be interested and that’s the not majority of readers here!)

  5. Devon Barker says:

    This sounds amazing, I cannot believe I did not think that there was something like this out there! My first child is due on Sept. 3rd and I would LOVE to have the convenience of hands-free pumping!

  6. Kathy Sena says:

    Devon, you win! Please send your email address to me at and I’ll connect you with the Simple Wishes folks for your free bustier!

  7. Brenda says:

    This sounds like the perfect thing for the graduate student and working mom working on her dissertation with her first baby. Right now double-pumping is a crazy balance.

  8. Kathy Sena says:

    Wow, Brenda, I admire all you’re doing! Yep, I think this might be just the thing for you, as you could pump and study/write at the same time more easily. Best wishes!