Now THAT’S a Moms’ Night Out

The press release just landed in my in box, and I HAD to share it with you:

Hi Kathy — Forget those dreaded Tupperware, purse and makeup parties where women gather together, gossip and buy things they don’t need. The new trend for party throwing in 2009, that will make you look and feel fabulous all at the same time?  iZO Transformation Parties — get-togethers designed to impress your friends with the latest in Hollywood health.

Transformation parties? I'm intrigued. Will I get a new hairstyle? A facial? A new lease on life? Let's see…

Transformation Parties offer attendees a chance to learn about the mechanics and incredible benefits of detox cleansing, a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation (fans of iZO include Katherine Heigl, Mandy Moore, Patricia Heaton, Daisy Fuentes and more), in a fun, relaxed setting.

And you can trade in those champagne glasses and fatty snacks — these parties feature a healthy alternative with a live organics juice bar, magical teas and elixirs, delicious raw and vegan snacks, cleansing bodywork, an herbalist and free on-site live blood analysis.

Hey girlfriends! Let's forget manicures-and-martinis night. Dump the chick flicks and popcorn. Who needs champagne? We're gonna get together and detox! Bring on the tea, vegan snacks, cleansing bodywork (I'm afraid to ask) and (call your babysitter NOW!) free, on-site live blood analysis.

I would love to offer Tim Martin as a guide to offer tips on throwing your own Transformation Party.  And, if you are in the LA area on April 6, I invite you to witness an iZO Transformation Party for yourself. Let me know if you want the scoop!

Gosh, I'm pretty sure I'm, uh, busy on April 6. As for hosting a party? After chasing kids, volunteering, working, watching their retirement funds and their kids' college funds dwindle, cooking dinner, and listening to all the lovely AIG news of the day — I do think my mom friends could use a party.

I just think the occasion probably calls for chocolate, merlot, and (yes) a little gossip. And we'll pass on the live blood analysis. But thanks!

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2 Responses to “Now THAT’S a Moms’ Night Out”

  1. Joy Bat says:

    I remember when I didn’t know anybody in town and someone I had just met invited me to a jewelry party. I was so happy. I loved the event and loved the party person. Bought jewelry… a lot of free jewelry when I had my own party. Used it to meet my neighbors. Anyway, that’s my little blurb about the upside for some people for these types of parties. However, I pass on the blood analysis also.

  2. Kathy Sena says:

    Oh, that does sound like you had fun! Yeah, it was more the ick factor that made THIS idea such a turn-off for me. ;)