Get Creative When Giving Teens Gift Money

Piggy bank from German bank HASPA, around 1970.Denise Witmer, over at Teens, has some terrific advice for parents and relatives who want to give a teen money for the holidays. (And what teen doesn't love the idea of receiving a little mad money?)

Here are a few of Witmer's suggestions:

  • Put the money in a new wallet and wrap the wallet.
  • Stick the money in a festive envelope and place it in a book on learning about money.
  • Disperse the money into gift cards to your teen’s favorite
    stores. Add a card that sets a date to go shopping and spend some time

For more creative and fun ideas, visit Teens.

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4 Responses to “Get Creative When Giving Teens Gift Money”

  1. Liz Seegert says:

    at his age, money is my 17-year old son’s favorite gift, but can easily “disappear” through small purchases at the food cart , 7-11, etc.
    I like the idea of gift cards vs. cash because it can’t just be frittered away. Another idea is to purchase a pre-paid Visa or American Express Card (I believe most drugstores carry them); younger teens feel grown up my having a “credit” card and older teens can combine them with store cards or other cash cards towards a larger purchase.

  2. Kathy Sena says:

    Liz, these are great suggestions! Thanks so much.

  3. rjleaman says:

    Money origami! When I was a kid, my father ran out of inspiration one Christmas and did this for my mother: he got a tiny table-top tree, folded a whole lot of $5 bills into birds and stars, and decorated the tree, put it at her place at the breakfast table. Now, I usually give a small-ish gift to the teens on my list and add in some money that’s folded into interesting shapes. Teenaged girls are especially keen on origami money hearts; and fortunately, that’s one of the easiest shapes to start with!

  4. Kathy Sena says:

    COOL idea! Boy, that takes some talent and creativity to think this up and then pull it off. I’ll bet those hearts look adorable!