How to Keep Tots to Teens Cavity-Free

"Dad, You Are So Weird""When should my child have her first trip to the dentist?" "Do I need to clean my baby's gums if he has no teeth yet?"

These questions and more are answered in my article on kids' dental health in this month's issue of Sonoma Family-Life magazine. Check it out for some great tooth-care tips.

After all, Halloween (and all that candy) is just around the corner!

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4 Responses to “How to Keep Tots to Teens Cavity-Free”

  1. Ellen Cajka RDH says:

    Hey Kathy, a very well done article! and that’s coming from a Registered Dental Hygienist!
    Here are a couple of my tips…
    Effective flossing happens about the time kids are learning cursive writing in school. It takes the same fine motor skills in the ends of the fingers. You’re right, start them early but know they need the dexterity to really do it right.
    For those teenagers…. I encourage them to take the ipod in the bathroom. The average song is 2-3 minutes and that’s how long they should brush…The last thing I say to those teens leaving my office is “brush for a whole song!….but don’t get your ipod wet”
    And for us adults who might skip the flossing….floss first then brush. We might leave the house without flossing but we’d never leave without brushing! If you floss first you won’t skip it!
    Thanks for getting all your well written dental info out there! With great articles like yours maybe we can irracicate decay…and then I can retire!!!

  2. Kathy Sena says:

    Ellen, great comment! I wish you had your own blog. You have so many great tips to share! Love the iPod idea. Thanks.

  3. cosmetic dentists in San Diego says:

    Hi! i will share a helpful tips on how to achieve a healthy set of teeth that i usually did. Clean your teeth after eating by toothbrush and dental floss. Use a correct toothbrush, and brush and floss correctly. Ask your dentist about cosmetic options for improving the appearance of teeth that are stained or chipped.Don’t use tobacco products, they can increase your risk of gum disease and cancer of the mouth and throat. Chewable vitamin C tablets with or without sugar are acidic and are a hazard for not only children’s teeth but also to adult’s teeth. Do not use lemon juice for whitening because vitamin C will cause the teeth to lose calcium damaging teeth quicker than anything else. and try to eat a lot of healthy foods like veggies,fruits and milk. hope it will help a lot. thanks

  4. Kathy Sena says:

    Thanks, Heather, for the great tips!