Designer Vomit Bags for Morning Sickness? Really?

OK, I've now officially heard everything. As a parenting and women's-health writer, I am constantly hearing from P.R. people and companies about new products, books, etc. aimed at parents and expectant moms.

But today, I was approached by a company that makes "convenient, disposable, affordable and yet
stylish vomit bags" for pregnant women with morning sickness. I can almost hear Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler on SNL's new "Weekend Update" segment: "Really?!? With Seth and Amy" saying "Stylish vomit bags? Oh REALLY!?!"

The good news is that this officially means our economy isn't as bad off as we thought, assuming people are ponying up cash for these bags. I just can't imagine designer puke bags being much of a big seller during the Great Depression.

Not everyone agrees that these may be a bit over the top, however. says pregnant women can "feel barfy in style with these pretty packs in your purse
for any emergency."

I'm guessing most pregnant women have better ways to spend $7.50 than on 10 (admittedly very pretty) vomit bags. (And I say that as a mom who had morning sickness when I was pregnant.)

But hey, Dad, if you're looking for a gift for the mother of your child-to-be, search no more. The company says these oh-so-pretty barf bags "make excellent,
unique and thoughtful gifts. A chic vomit bag would definitely put a
smile on her face!"


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23 Responses to “Designer Vomit Bags for Morning Sickness? Really?”

  1. This still cracks me up completely. Really. Although… my sister in law is rumored to have another bun in her oven. Maybe I’ll get her some for her Christmas gift!

  2. Amy says:

    I’ve heard it all. They’re pretty, can’t they be used from someone else? As a person who vomited at least once daily for 8 months during pregnancy #1, truly my last thought was to have something pretty to throwup in. Any old toilet was able to do the job.

  3. Kat says:

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me! Maybe if they weren’t all lunch sac and paper-looking. Why not just keep a few blue poop bags lying about. Blue is cool, right? I mean it’s better than a clear veggie bag, right?

  4. Celeste says:

    This product makes me want to puke. And if I were given it as a gift, I would give it back to the gift giver, full.

  5. Kathy Sena says:

    OK, everybody, check out my friend Marijke’s post on this over at The Womb Within:

  6. Kathy Sena says:

    Chelle, I’m wondering if your sis will ever forgive you! ;)

  7. Kathy Sena says:

    Amy, you’re right. What’s wrong with an old-fashioned toilet? Cheap, too.

  8. Kathy Sena says:

    Kat. I think the blue poop bags are a great idea. A lot cheaper, too!

  9. Kathy Sena says:

    Celeste, you sum up my sentiments exactly re someone giving these as a GIFT. Ick!

  10. How would these perform if used as lunch bags? I mean, “pretty” is what I want in a lunch bag…is there a stylish closure at the top to prevent escaping {material}? Or, hey! Maybe goodie bags for parties!

  11. Kathy Sena says:

    LOL! Oh, yeah. Kids’ party bags.

  12. I’ve gotta say, I am positively euphoric over these designer barf bags. What an awesome concept! Why, I may even get pregnant again at 49, just so I can use a few! In fact, I’m already thinking of extending the product line with:
    “Think Green” Barf Bags: These environmentally friendly puke-catchers are lined with clear plastic. Just rinse and reuse! Dishwasher safe.
    “Camouflage” Barf Bags: These adorable hurl-holders are designed to actually look like vomit. So if your aim is off, nobody will know. Choose (a) Sorta Green with Orange Chunks or (b) Kinda Brown with Tiny Red Dots.
    Each order would come with a matching Designer Vomit Hair Clip. Keeps your hair off your face while you retch. Because you’ll need both hands on the bag!

  13. Kathy Sena says:

    Robin, you have just been named head of marketing!

  14. Katie says:

    I actually think that this is a great idea! When I was pregnant, I didn’t have the luxury of sitting around at home and using my toilet when I was sick. I had to work and always felt awkward when I was throwing up in a public place. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one.

  15. I think it’s great and would like to add these to my collection. I have the 10th largest barf bag collection in the world. Yes, really.

  16. Kathy Sena says:

    Kate, you make a good point about having to look for toilets in public places.
    And Steve, your site is a HOOT!

  17. Jen Singer says:

    And if the candy corn doesn’t make you queasy on Halloween, you can use them for Trick or Treating.

  18. Kathy Sena says:

    Ha! Hey, for that price, they should be good for more than one thing…

  19. Happy Mom says:

    Well… it is better to use mint and try to avoid this anyhow… As for me I did not have morning sickness at all.

  20. Lucca says:

    I agree that the idea of designer barf bags seems funny, but I have to say that I LOVE them! I have morning sickness all day long and am so sick of getting extra plastic bags that more often than not have holes in them. There’s a company called Chuck the Yuck that makes really cute, affordable bags. Best of all, a portion of all proceeds goes towards finding a cure for ALS (the owners are 3 sisters who recently lost their dad to the disease and have been looking for a way to raise money). If you decide you have a need, check them out at

  21. Kathy Sena says:

    Thanks for the GREAT comment! And I love that the proceeds go to ALS research. That’s wonderful. I have an extended family member who has ALS, and I am glad to hear these three sisters are raising money this way for such an important cause.
    Happy holidays!

  22. Amy says:

    My morning sickness had me throwing up in Ziploc baggies in my car before work every morning. I had to carry Ziplocs with me EVERYWHERE. You are NOT always near a toilet. My “best” experience was when I was walking to work throwing up in a barf bag I had taken from a plane. You can’t see through them, you can’t feel the heat through them and they are thick and sturdy. I thought “I need to make barf bags people can buy instead of steal from planes”. I found the idea very practical and was bummed when it had been already done. The next time I am pregnant, I am buying these in bulk!!

  23. Kathy Sena says:

    You know, Amy, I think I am changing my mind on this post after hearing from a bunch of women who have been through this and who feel the way you do! Thanks for writing.