Death by Pecking (Or Fudge Ripple, Whichever Comes First)

You’ve seen the t-shirts that say “Raising Children is Like Being
Pecked To Death by Chickens,” right? Well, raising a teenager, I’m
learning, can be like being pecked to death by a very large,
hormone-filled rooster.

I’m off to the grocery store to escape the coop. (And because we’re out of food, but that’s beside the point.)

Yes, folks, I’m living proof that one can spend 12 years writing about parenting, child psychology, education, kids’ health, yada, yada, yada — and still be driven insane by one 12-year-old boy.

OK, frozen-food department, here I come. Better lock up the chocolate ice cream.

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6 Responses to “Death by Pecking (Or Fudge Ripple, Whichever Comes First)”

  1. Ellen says:

    It’s all worth it!

  2. Kathy Sena says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Do you mean the KID is all worth it — or the calories in the ice cream? (G)
    Seriously, today is a much better parenting day, and I even felt a bit (just a bit) bad about writing such a whining post yesterday. (Although in my “What’s Parent Talk Today?” description, I do promise a bit of whining now and then!)
    I considered taking the post down, but then I thought “Hey, this is real life. Some days we drive the people we love crazy, and we muddle through and move on to the next day and it all works out.”
    That’s probably a better thought to share with my fellow parents than all the hearts-and-flowers posts about mommyhood could ever be. (Although you’ll find those here, too.)
    Because none of us is even close to perfect, and it helps, I think, to know that other moms have days when running to the grocery store, alone, feels like sweet relief.
    So the post stays. And the love for my son never disappears — even when I’m so frustrated with him that I want to take his video games and hold a big garage sale because he’s driving me nuts.
    Today is a better day. But boy, that ice cream tasted good last night!

  3. Ellen says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a breath of fresh air and a little
    “extra calcium!” I’d say it’s a healthy way to manage frustration.
    And, see, today is sweeter!

  4. Karen says:

    Hey Kathy…..
    It’s nice to know that experts are human too!!! lol And I have to say, that I should have taken more trips to the frozen food section when my girls were still a little malleable. Instead, now that they are ‘grown’ at 18 & 19, my trips are to the local tavern. Just joking, kinda….ok, not really.
    This blog is GREAT!!!! Keep ‘em comin’.

  5. Kathy Sena says:

    Hey Karen,
    Oh, I wish I was an expert, but I’m definitely not! I do have the fun job of interviewing lots of experts, which is what I love about being a journalist.
    And I may ask to join you for that glass of wine one of these days! :)

  6. Nicole Kulak says:

    I just have to let you know how I gound this site. Last night my husband and I and our two kids were over visiting my difficult mother in law. And after dinner while we were have the famous ritual of tea. She mentioned seeing a sign that said “Raising Children is Like Being Pecked To Death by Chickens”.
    We are currently dealing with a mother/mother in law that can’t let go her son of 35 years old.
    I just had to google this saying and here pop up your blog.
    I think it is a neat place to visit.
    Nicole Kulak
    Spruce Grove, AB