Parents Need Naps, Too!

The Boston Glob ran a terrific article recently on “How to Nap.” My first thought, when I saw it, was “Come on. Who doesn’t know how to nap?” But as I learned, there’s a lot to know.

Are you a lark or an owl? When you go to bed and get up determines your optimal time for napping. The length of your nap determines whether you awake refreshed or groggy. (So set a timer.) And be sure to check out the great tips for “the perfect siesta,” including suggestions for how to quiet your mind, calm your body and create the right environment for snoozing.

Whether you’re at the “nap while the baby naps” stage (Forget the laundry and dishes!) or you’re the slightly stressed mother of teens, a nap will do you a world of good.

Now I just need to stop blogging for 20 minutes and go take my own advice…

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