Get Your Embarrassing Questions Answered Here!

By the time most of us become moms, we've been through so many medical procedures that we're not easily embarrassed. But still. Sometimes we have a question, especially when it comes to gyno issues and sexual health, that's tough to ask — even when we have a doctor we like and trust.

Fortunately has created a terrific Healthy Living: Sex and Relationships section that covers new info about the pill, how much sex is normal for a couple, orgasm myths and a lot more. Intrigued? There's even a Boob Blog, which features stuff like eating for breast health.

And yes, I know. A few guys will stumble onto this blog post because they Googled the word "boob." But it's all good. Maybe they'll head over to and pick up a few tips.

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One Response to “Get Your Embarrassing Questions Answered Here!”

  1. Laurie says:

    I checked it out and it has a lot of good information. It’s important to get those kinds of questions answered. You don’t realize it at the time, but you eventually figure out that you are pretty normal. Whatever you are experiencing, you’re probably not alone although you may feel like it at the time. What is that saying? Oh yes, “Information is power!” :O)