Here’s Help for Restless Legs Syndrome

Why talk about restless legs syndrome (RLS) in a blog for parents? Because many pregnant women
experience RLS symptoms, especially after the 20th week. Children can
have the condition, too.

It's bit tough to describe to anyone who hasn't experienced it, but people with RLS often describe it as an unbearably tingly,
creepy or even painful feeling deep within the legs.

It's not technically a sleep disorder, but because it often keeps people awake and contributes to big-time insomnia, it is often lumped into this category and is studied by sleep experts.

Happily, the folks at have put together a wonderful collection of resources on RLS, including terrific videos that explain RLS symptoms, talk about treatment options and much more. Check it out here.

And please help spread the word. The more people know about RLS, the more we can do to encourage research into this condition, which disrupts the lives of so many people.


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