This Video Will Amaze and Inspire You and Your Kids

Ilana Yahav is a sand-animation artist. Using her fingers only, she draws in sand on a lighted glass table. This video shows her at work. (That’s her hand in this screen shot from the video, creating the woman’s face.) Her artistry is accompanied by beautiful, haunting music by Merav Josef-Levi.

Share this video with your children. I guarantee you’ll be blown away and inspired, just like my family was.

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2 Responses to “This Video Will Amaze and Inspire You and Your Kids”

  1. lisa iannucci says:

    I LOVED this video. could watch it again and again!

  2. Kathy Sena says:

    I know, isn’t it great? I received a lot of e-mails after posting this, and I think it’s something that even toddlers would enjoy. This woman is so talented.
    It’s also very relaxing to watch her work and to listen to the music. What a wonderful gift to the world!