Enough With the Baby Advice Already!

When I was pregnant, I was sometimes floored by the nerve of the strangers who offered unsolicited advice. I was told how to do everything "correctly" from breastfeeding to Lamaze to epidurals. Seems everyone knew the best way to do everything and insisted on sharing it with me — while standing in line at Target.

I mean, really, do I need to hear about what to do about sore nipples when I’m minding my own business, buying laundry detergent?

Apparently I’m not alone in thinking "hey, butt out!" Now pregnant women can express how they feel with a new line of hip maternity t-shirts called Mommy Trends. The stretchy t-shirts ($36) sport lines such as "Big &
Beautiful," but the best seller is a shirt that says "No Unsolocited Baby Advice."

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3 Responses to “Enough With the Baby Advice Already!”

  1. Katy says:

    I just found your site.
    My friend, a lactation consultation was talking to a lady in line about breastfeeding with inverted nipples. Her husband standing next to her was so embarrassed!
    I’d like to win the book!

  2. Kathy Sena says:

    This is too funny, Katy! (And that’s the sort of thing people started talking about with me when I was pregnant. Nothing, it seemed, was off limits!)

  3. Kathy Sena says:

    Katie, you won the random book drawing! Please send me your snail mail address and I’ll send the book right away. Thanks for commenting!