Teddy’s Travels: Making Our National Parks Come Alive for Kids

Our family is nuts for Yosemite National Park. We’ve made so many memories there with our annual winter trips. And, as usual, Mom was the one to save those memories in scrapbooks and photos. But now, there’s a way to get kids in on the act when the family visits Yosemite — or any of America’s national parks.

Teddy’s Travels — America’s National Parks, by "Tedrick de Bear" and Trefoni Michael Rizzi (Tdb Press; $19.95) is the first book in a series of interactive travel guides/scrapbooks/journals for kids. Readers join Tedrick de Bear as he travels across the U.S. by way of our national parks and monuments.

The books is filled with gorgeous color photos, fast facts, scavenger hunts, journal pages and graphics designed to keep kids interested, learning and having a blast. And be sure to visit Teddy’s website to check out his newsletter, blog and fun activities for kids.

Just looking through the book gave me ideas for future family vacations, too…

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2 Responses to “Teddy’s Travels: Making Our National Parks Come Alive for Kids”

  1. ellen Cajka says:

    Hey, winter vacation, I never really thought of it that way! I’m going to try and start a new tradition. And I bet I can get some great travel deals too!
    Thanks Kathy!

  2. Kathy Sena says:

    Oh, Yosemite in the winter is heavenly. Much smaller crowds, gorgeous views and all that silence and fresh snow. Yes, you’ll probably need snow chains. But it’s worth it!