Gotta Have My Mom Friends!

I wish I could run out for coffee with my friend Irene Levine this week, in honor of National Women’s Friendship Day. But we live a couple thousand miles apart. So instead I’ll share her wonderful blog on women’s friendships with you.

I know I always feel more energized and just plain happier when I’ve had a chance to hang out with a girlfriend for an hour or two. My buddy Robi and I live an hour or so apart, but we meet in the middle every few months, where we just happen to both have some doctors, and we plan trips to the Cheesecake Factory around pap-smear and mammogram appointments. (That way, when I’m there with my feet in the stirrups or I’m waiting to get my boobs squished, I can at least look forward to seeing Robi —and stuffing my face — afterward!)

Tomorrow, I’m meeting my buddy Ellen for hot cocoa and a visit after I drop Matthew off at school. And I know I’ll be chatting with my friend Mickie soon about all the ups and downs of our kids’ first year at middle school. I met Judith and Therese (in the photo) back when our kids were in diapers. In fact, Judith was the first mom I met when Matt and I first ventured out of the house for a mommy-baby exercise class. (I had a diaper-blow-out emergency in class, she came to my rescue with tons of wipes and a great sense of humor — and the rest is history.)

Family, too, can also fill the friendship bill. I hit the jackpot when I married Randy and got Joy as a sister-in-law. She’s one of my best friends and if I wasn’t related to her I would just have to find another way to have her in my life!

Here are some of Irene’s wonderful tips for celebrating our female friendships:

  • Send e-cards to five female friends you haven’t spoken to in a month.
  • Using email or snail mail, send a photo and short note to a faraway friend.
  • Make plans to cruise TJ Maxx with a friend.
  • Go see a movie or make reservations for dinner with a friend.
  • Send flowers to your mother, sister or other relative who has also been a good friend to you.
  • Make plans with a good friend to volunteer at a women’s shelter, soup kitchen or child advocacy program.
  • Make a new friend! It’s easy - just smile, say hello and follow-up with coffee.
  • Contribute to research on female friendships by filling out the Fractured Friendship Survey.(Note: Irene, a talented journalist, is writing a book on this subject, and this survey will provide valuable research for the book. Plus I found just the act of taking the survey to be quite thought-provoking.)

To Irene, Robi, Ellen, Joy, Mickie, Judith and Theresa… You bring joy to my life in so many ways. Thanks for being my friends!


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3 Responses to “Gotta Have My Mom Friends!”

  1. Irene says:

    If only we lived closer…I’d be with you guys!
    Love your blog, Kathy

  2. Kathy Sena says:

    Oh, we’d be dragging you out for girls’ nights out, Irene! And I’d be dragging you off to lunch to talk about writing. :)
    Hey, we’ll always have e-mail… :)

  3. Kathy Sena says:

    Actually, Irene, we’ll always have the annual ASJA conference in NYC! Forgot about that! Looking forward to seeing you at that in April.