Family Health Podcast #1 — KFGY 92.9

Welcome to my first podcast!
I’m excited to share it with you, and I hope you enjoy these back-to-school health tips. Just click Download kathy_sena_kfgy_podcast_1.mp3
 to download the podcast MP3 file. I’ve written a monthly kids’ health column ("Health Notes") and a
monthly women’s health column ("Body Shop") for years for regional
parenting and women’s magazines. So it was an honor to be asked to join
KFGY 92.9 (Sonoma County, Calif.) morning hosts Rob and Joss recently
to talk about back-to-school health tips. In this 7-minute podcast, we cover:

°    Back-to-school sleep strategies
°    Brain-power breakfasts
°    School-bus safety
°    Backpack basics

Thanks for listening. I’ll keep you posted on my future visits with Rob
and Joss. They’re such a hoot, I wish they were in southern California, where I live. Speaking of that, if you don’t live in northern California, you can listen online at KFGY 92.9 by visiting
their website and clicking on "Listen Live" on the home page.)

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One Response to “Family Health Podcast #1 — KFGY 92.9”

  1. Sandie says:

    Wow Kathy - you sounded so cool an collected! Did you know what they would ask beforehand (except for what your blog’s address is)? I like the idea of the smoothies in the morning. My 11 yr old daughter is going to need to get up at 6 AM this year (it was 7 AM last year), and yet she seems to think that she should be allowed to stay up later than the 9 PM she went to bed last year… Sounds as if that isn’t gonna cut it in the sleep department… Keep posting those segments as they come along.